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a message

this is something i probably will not send in this form. it is in response to a message i got from a teacher sending this to all his students. the message deals with a proposition to have all of the school read one book.
 I'm guessing that the main point (if there is such a thing) of this 
idea is to increase the general appreciation and awareness of English 
literature.  Having the whole college immerse itself in one book would 
seem like a good idea, especially with the multimedia aspect as it 
would cater to everyone with a varying learning styles.  And instead 
of vainly trying to understand a handful of novels, this would be an 
attempt at the impossible...understanding everything possible about 
one book.  
  Most likely the book chosen for such a task will be a "classic" of 
English literature.  This will be a book most of us have either read 
in high school, knew someone who read it in high school, or have seen 
it in piles at the bookstore.  What originality.  But of course, I 
can't be's all just guessing.  
  After all, the original message doesn't mention the word "novel".  
It just says "book".  This means that potentially any printed work 
could be considered.  
  How absurd would it seem if you, your friends in drama history, and 
that cute person you sit next to in statistics were all reading "The 
Creative Life" by S. Radhakrishnan (a philosophical non-fiction book) 
or even "The Return of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks" by Nancy 
McArthur (adolescent fiction)?  
  Variety is the spice of life; different strokes for different 
folks...both of these well-known sayings are applicable to this 
situation.  All these extra events, such as the parties, museum 
exhibits, films, etc would be a waste.  The chosen book will turn into 
a hammer, pounding your skull in and there will be no way to get out 
unless you ignore the book and all the accompanying information and 
turn to something else.  
  There's too much literature out there to focus soley on one piece.  
One reason I enjoyed my high school senior English class was because I 
learnt about the literature of the middle-ages as well as 19th century 
romanticism.  I didn't get bogged down on the particulars of 
Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" (incidentally, a novel I am reading 
again for English 252) or what Austen's parents thought when she wrote 
that novel, what kind of dreams she had during the writing of that 
piece, etc.  
  If this proposition actually passed, then I would suggest a book 
that no one would ever seriously read.
  To say this simply, it's all rubbish.

actually, i didn't send this at all. instead, i wrote this:
  This seems like a better idea for a class rather than the whole school.  But even then, it would seem like a pretty drab class. 
  It's rubbish.
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