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pop love

this is something i said on oct. 15 of last year somewhere:
Christmas is the sound birds covered with paint make when they hit the earth.

last tango in paris. quite a film. i had plans to do a full critique of this film and an experiment in film criticism. all i'm going to say is that i enjoyed brando's acting. it was a bit confusing in the beginning though since i wasn't sure if his meeting with his mother-in-law (that's who she is, right? or his sister? or sister-in-law?) was a memory or if that's what really happened in real-time. it's worth a re-watch. i'm going to send in a story to a magazine called Sanguine Post. i doubt it will be accepted. but i could always send in some poems to this what sounds to be an extremely cheap magazine apparently hailing from haight. i only know this from good ole craigslist.
i encourage slang words to be misused. there's a model of a skeletal hand in here, maybe i can coax it to fetch me a drink or two or three or twenty. um, bye for now.
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