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a fake dialogue, dumb nonetheless

-Here's something grand!
-what is it?
-just imagine...cumming without jizz!
-huh? are you some kinda freakoid?
-a freakoid from the deep? haha, no way. i'm serious. ejaculation with-
-with nothing to ejaculate, how dumb is that?
-well not very dumb if you consider how condoms sometimes are uncomfortable.
-they're not THAT bad. and besides, tell your girl to use the pill or better yet fuck guys.
-but i'm straight.
-of course you are, we're all straight.
-but some of us aren't.
-oh yeah? who? is there a gay man among us.
-among US? just us two? i'm not gay, and neither are you. i'm not bi either. no men on my menu please.
-ok, got it.
-still like coming with no come?
-there's no point.
-thought so.
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