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supposingly black friday

that's what today is called, and i never knew that. mad rush to buy as much as one can buy buy buy. thankfully i'm not going anywhere today. just stay inside and work on my speech. probably attempt reading some stuff for english. drab as hell, but i'm sure hell isn't drab, now is it? i actually had a nightmare where i was in the middle of a girl's orgy. imagine that. in other circumstances it might have been a wonderful dream, however they were all laughing at me. i don't know why, or maybe i just can't remember. it was horrible.
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add me, darling!
i already have :))
Okay, so you showed up on my friends list out of nowhere and I don't know you, so I'm curious who you are and how you found me. I see that we have fairbrook in common, and through LJ friends of friends, ms_timorous666 in common. You seem savvy as to how to make LJ cuts, add icons and set your journal to your liking, so I take it this is probably not your first (or only) journal, perhaps I'm wrong--but the first comment in your journal gives me the impression you've tinkered with LJ before. Most of all, I am curious what drew you to my journal since your friend list is rather small, and the only community of substance we're both in is mondo_macabro, which I believe I've posted to a few times, but those posts would be ancient by now. I also find it rather bizarre that you're both into riff rock and death rock, like me (there are not too many people who even know who Electric Wizard are, let alone would list them as a favorite next to Throbbing Gristle, two bands I love, but two bands with scenes that don't overlap really at all with the exception of the current attempts at such via NIN touring with QOTSA). So tell me about yourself... are you male or female, what city do you live in, in what facility do you work within the education system (as noted that you must from your most recent entry, and I'd gather that you're a pre-junior high/middle school teacher from what I can gather from that entry). Are you in the Bay or thereabouts (like the two LJ people that I mentioned above), and if so where; but if not, then where in the world is this Carmen Sandiego, doomented? Lastly, what do you observe from the outside, no...two more things: 1.) Who is Justin Geoffrey, and 2.) What is the premise of the film, At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul...okay a third, it was just by random that I noticed a name that didn't look familiar to me on my friends list, yours, so I followed the link and indeed was correct. You ought to make a post on my public entry and please, by all means, makes yourself known :o)

You sound interesting enough, so let's have it. Indulge me in my curiosities, please.
To clear everything up and dispense with the mystery ('though it's always best to be shrouded in mystery), this is ms_timorous666! As you so accurately observed, this is my second journal. I just chose this new name because although the name Ms. Timorous is enticing enough, it doesn't clearly fit with me anymore. I'm not sure if you gathered this from the other journal but I am male. I do realize that just because I chose a female lj name doesn't necessarily mean I'm into genderbending. However, I was and am not really sure if I still am. Honestly I find it to be quite attractive but I'm not sure I'm still one to appear as femme as possible. I guess I did the name change for psych. purposes...this sounds a bit silly since this is just an online name. I'm pretty sure I'll be using this journal from now on. As for the music, I should have commented on one specific entry you gave where you listed as a song "Vinnum Sabbathi" by Electric Wizard. And I'm quite aware of the fact that only someone like you or like me would ever go to, for instance a St. Vitus show (80s doom metal) as well as a Cabaret Voltaire show. Of course, these two groups are labeled as "popular music" in contrast to classical music or world music. Just curious, have you ever heard of Jill Tracy? I'm not sure if I've answered these questions before but might as well do them now...I am a 20 year old male, I live in Benicia (which is northeast of Berkeley/Oakland, about a 30 minute drive away). I am still a slave to the education system...that is, I'm a student at a community college (Diablo Valley College). I observe all that I can from the outside (what do I mean by outside? To say simply, externalities), which is just a subtle way of saying I like to walk around different places, see how people act, observe old/strange/foreign areas, etc. Justin Geoffrey is a character invented by Robert E. Howard, used in his tale "The Black Stone" I believe, one of his Lovecraftian horror tales. At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul is basically about this evil undertaker who wants to get with the wife of his so-called friend (you wonder just why this friend ever got attatched to this truly wicked guy, but just like Richard III, it's so fun to watch him be as devilish as possible) and so ruins the life of this woman. I highly recommend it, a very fine film. I believe that's it, and I'll certainly make a post on your public entry. My name's Jay by the way.
...that certainly does clear a lot up. You knew of me when I lived in NYC, then, strangely, as I believe that I first encountered you through a poetry community; and as fate would have it, here I am in the Bay Area.

That movie sounds vaguely similar to the film by Ingmar Bergman, Hour of the Wolf. I dated a woman with schizo-affective disorder in college who is fanatical about any and all art films, as she was (at the time, and probably still is) one of the most brilliant people I've ever met in regards to decoding art; so much so that she hosted a symposium as part of her art history thesis on a topic relative to dada & surrealism (both in literature and art). At any rate, she turned me on to both Ingmar Bergman as well as this fine foreign horror film!

I don't know if you caught it in my last thread, but I decoded what Hedwig & the Angry Inch is about, with 110% certainty.

In NYC during the heyday of early punk there was a musician by the name of Wayne County. Well, if you read here, Wayne County became Jayne County just after a stint in Berlin of all places...see the connection? The photograph and biography of Jayne County there alone pretty much say all, just as in the above reference to Hour of the Wolf, you'll see that it may be possible that At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, which after some research came out four years prior to Hour of the Wolf and also happens to be foreign (Brazilian apparently), may have some corresponding ideas working behind them since they came out within the same decade. But it appears that At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul was the first Brazilian horror film, and the first in a series of films referred to as the "Coffin Joe" flicks by José Mojica Marins. Apparently Wes Craven redid and camped them up a bit, too. Now I'm quite intrigued, thank you!
I'm quite familiar with Jayne County as I have two of her cds, unfortunately I have none of the earlier Wayne stuff. And I've also seen Hour of the Wolf. I'm not surprised that a lot of these rock dramas have some basis in what actually happened. Such as the film Rock Star, which I haven't seen but have heard about, sounds like when Rob Halford left Judas Priest and they were looking for a new singer. Lo and behold, they picked as a new singer a guy from a Judas Priest tribute band. Discovering new pieces of art, whether it be literature, film or one of the plastic arts is always exciting.